Friday, March 28, 2008


With five children under the age of 3, quiet moments are few for Leanne, who has been a stay-at-home mom since her triplet boys Isaiah, Josiah, and Micah were born in 2005. After having trouble conceiving, she and her husband Bart finally succeeded in becoming pregnant with the help of fertility drugs. The news that they were expecting triplets led them to give up farming so that they could have a more reliable income with only Bart working. When the boys were not yet 2, twins Quillen and Willow were born.
"It takes a long time to do anything", Leanne says, describing her average day. Just getting the kids dressed and eating breakfast takes up a good part of the morning. The family only goes out once a week as a unit- to church on Sundays. "It's a whole day affair," she says. On weekdays, a regular routine is followed that brings order to the chaos of having five small children to care for.

Before the kids awaken, Leanne prepares cloth bags filled with the day's outfit for each of the triplets, who are learning to dress themselves.

Leanne takes a moment from dressing 14-month-old Quillen to help Isaiah, almost 3, through his frustrations with trying to find the right hole to put his head through his t-shirt.

Josiah takes his turn in being the priveleged "helper" at breakfast. With so much to do, Leanne involves the older boys in simple chores.

After getting breakfast served, Leanne finally sits down to eat- while keeping the kids close at hand in case they need some help.

The boys are encouraged to take a nap after breakfast, before going out to play. Leanne piles on the chair with them, cuddling up with pillows. They last about 2 minutes, before deciding they've had enough. "It never really works, but I'll keep trying," she says patiently.

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