Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fayette, MO: What the fu*k are you doing?

I thought it was a reasonable enough question... one I was asking myself, actually.
I had stopped to take pictures of a rather shabby looking house on Maple St. in Fayette, when someone from inside started screaming at me. Before I could see him, I heard the anger in his voice: "What the FUCK are you doing?! You're making my dogs bark!"

The Minnie Mouse curtain in the front wondow had intrigued me- a happy note on an unhappy-looking home. Also the huge pile of black trash bags. But I couldn't help but think that he had a good right to feel fired up that I was "taking" pictures of his house without asking. It was my first visit to a town where I was hoping to "find" a story, and I didn't know yet what I was doing either.

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katie said...

oh it's my worst fear! i actually had someone say the same thing today, minus the f-bomb. i was on their porch though... oops.