Sunday, June 8, 2008

LOOK3-Day 1

I drove 14 hours from Columbia, Mo. to Charlottesville, Va. in a day in order to attend a workshop with David Allen Harvey on the photographic essay. There are about 20 students from 7 different countries in the class- an amazingly talented and inspiring group. We'll spend the week each creating a story that will be shown during the Look3 festival of the photograph, which starts Thursday night.

These are from the first afternoon in Charlottesville. Driving around, I spotted some kids in front of their apartment building. I met the Al... family- Haider, Zaineb, Uti and Aya- who moved to Charlottesville from Iraq 2 months ago. They have an amazing story, and hopefully I'll get the chance to photograph them more in the next few days....

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satsuma said...

Hey Sheila,

I'm feeling so deeply so many of your first ward pictures... and this interlude slash continuation in Virginia for the week. These girls are letting you into their hearts.

I love you & will call you when you get home.

katie said...

i'm so jealous you're at look3! these first images look like a great start. i'm curious to learn more about this family's story... good luck!