Friday, September 26, 2008

Shanti's Workshops

As many of the people who come to Shanti are from rural Nepal, the workshops focus on traditional crafts like carpet weaving and papermaking. The working atmosphere is industrious, lively and sociable.


Padam said...

hello sheila your picture and script is amazing .hope i will see you professionally photographer soon.
remember me where ever you
thank for your cooperation
padam raj poudel

Padam said...

i tried to email you ,many times it became blog notice to i am sending same email which i prepare to send you . doont mind okey
Dear Sheila
I am padam from kathmandu i am well here hope you also well there. at first i want to wish you all the best at the occasion of bijayadashmi. this bijayadashami is our greatest festival of a year . so i also have to go our parrents house. it is at village area. may be i will go there till monday from here.
and i will be back after baijayadashami.
this dashain is known as the hindu relegion lord durga killed a monster so it is celebrating festifal. any way............ it is a great festival of nepalese people mainly hindu religious .
may be you already knew about it ,i thaught to let you know why it is celebrating at short .
have you been to nepal first time ? ....... means there are many more tourism area's .if you come with a long leasure time hope i will also take a time to visit touriam area of nepal with you.
shanti sew griha is ceprating the disability people rights . it is very nice and social work .
i pry your photography sucess.
When will you return back from USA. please email me time to time .
I have seen your site also . it is amaging. i like it too much . i could not describe it on words. i mean it is very very good .
hope your life sucess from this profession.i will give you my program cd. we are also visualizing the real voise of disability .see it hope you will like it

thank for your cooperation
Mr Padam raj podel