Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cosmic Connection


Dan Goldstein said...

Cool... But can you enlighten us.?
PhotoShop, or being in the right moment in the right place, with your camera ready!
Nice image


Sheila Johnson said...

Hey... I'm not that savvy at PhotoShop! Took this at an art installation in San Sebastian, Spain. There were several light beams moving, creating different planes and shapes, varying from solid appearing to translucent. It was absolutely dark in there except for the light waves, so I took a bunch (most of which were out of focus... grr!), but I liked this one.

katie said...

so cool! (i was going to request an explanation too - it's an intriguing image!)

andrei said...

Great photo!

Perhaps if you crop the light on the left out it would make it more surreal. I mean, it is the only element that, for me, disturbs a beautiful ambiguity.

Then I'd send that vertical to POYi's Pictorial for sure.

andrei said...

A perfect fit for POYi's Pictorial category.

Aaron said...

I agree with the romanian. the elements on the left are distracting. then send it to poyI under the pictorial category (if it is still a category this year!).