Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bhaktapur-City of Devotees

We spent a few days in Bhaktapur, just a short distance from Kathmandu, but a world apart. Each day and night the chanting of devotees kept us awake, but somehow we learned to love it.

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Ikuru said...

I liked the first picture. It's got some nice mysterious feeling. I liked some of other pictures. But, I think you are still distant - i know it's difficult, but you need to get closer. Or, maybe just stick with sort of distant but very beautiful magnum-like photos. Maybe, you can find some contacts who would understand what you want to do through lightstaliers and may be able to work together. Or, just some random people who speak English. Also, if you learn a little bit of their language, it might be easier. I think people in small countries appreciate foreigners trying to speak their language even if you know only a little, and it might open up a door a bit, though it also depends on the subjects. Good luck!