Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shanti Sewa Griha accepts everyone... even the 'hopeless' cases.
Asha was literally left on their doorstep 4 years ago. She is deaf and blind, and though she seems to have other disabilities, no one knows for certain what they are. With only one children's hospital in all of Nepal, these kinds of kids get forgotten about- there are simply too many to help.
Asha means "Hope"- the name that Shanti gave her. She relates through touch, and can seem simultaneously in a far-away dream world, a state of sadness, pain, or some other complex emotion, and a state of hungry need for affection. She seems to have the development of an infant, though I'll have to ask Krishna to tell me more to know for sure Asha's situation. I was told that she's 10 years old.
Asha came to visit in Prem Thapa's room as he was getting his catheter changed. As she came near, he held her while the procedure was being done- I'm not sure if to ease his pain, or hers.

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