Monday, October 6, 2008


It's hard to calm this boy down, and his demand to be photographed is pretty high!

I don't think that this quite works... but am posting it anyway just to get a feel for the process of photographing.... I'm definitely meeting my challenges in terms of finding that everyone thinks that they should pose for the camera. This is exacerbated even more by the immediacy of digital (as all of the kids especially want to see the back of the camera as soon as the shutter's clicked.)
Wanting to be a little more invisible and just present for everyday life... I think it's a hard thing to communicate, even when you speak the same language, but in this case I don't have words to express what I'm trying to do...

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Cat Szalkowski said...

Did he pose for this one? I think either way it really works because I think you see him expressing himself with a lot of personality. It's lovely!