Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Everybody at Shanti asks to have their picture taken, and so sometimes it leaves me little opportunity to get their story, or even their name. This little boy was on his way out to attend a holiday celebration... saying that yes, he lived there, and I'd see him again... so hopefully I'll have the chance to get to know him.

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dan604 said...

Hi Sheila,
We met shortly before you left Columbia.
We bought your couch from you as you were leaving Quarry Heights. I was noodling around looking at camera stuff, when I should have been working, and I had the good fortune to come
across your blog site. What beautiful photos!
Capturing the feeling of a place and a person in time is really a gift. Thank you for sharing..

I have been mucking around taking pictures this year. I am having lots of fun and learning some, but never enough, about photography. People are the hardest thing to capture. The form is so much easier than actually capturing the feeling.

We wish you the best in your travels, and now that I found the site I will check back now and then and see if you have any more photos up.

Dan Goldstein
(From the old Quarry neighborhood...)