Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lama Family

3 generations of the Lama family live at Shanti Sewa Griha: Fulmaya, 57, her daughter Sarsuti, 22, and Sarsuti's son Amid, 10.
Fulmaya has been at Shanti for a long time, but Sarsuti and Amid arrived about 6 months ago.
When I met them I thought that Sarsuti was a little girl. She looks like she's about 12, and is very small in stature. Sitting on the ground, she pointed to her legs and said "I have a problem with my legs... I used to be in a wheelchair but now I can walk."
It will take me some time to flesh out this family's story... where they came from, why they are at Shanti, etc. I know that Sarsuti became a mother when she was 12 and that her husband left her and married another woman, but no more detail than that...

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